From keeping your bed warm at night to binge-watching Netflix by your side, it’s safe to say that pets are life’s gift to us! At Corona Pointe, we are animal lovers at heart and want all our furry pet residents to have the best living experience possible. Here is all you need to know about pets and pet policies at our community!

We Welcome Different Shapes and Sizes

From fluffy dogs to striped cats to colorful birds, we accept a variety of animals here at Corona Pointe. Here are a few important things to note:

  • All dogs that are under 75 pounds and that are not on our restricted dog breed list are welcome at our community.
  • All cats are welcome.
  • Hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, and any other small pets must be caged and kept in a sanitary condition.
  • Additional or other pets must be approved by the management.

If you have a question about a certain pet or are interested in receiving more information on our restricted dog breed list, please contact our management team, and they will be happy to assist you.

We Offer Considerate Pet Policies 

To create a great living area for all residents, we uphold considerate policies. We understand that some residents do not have pets. That is why we require all pets to be leashed when they are outside. We appreciate all of our residents who follow this rule!

To keep our community clean, we require residents to pick up Fido when he or she takes care of business (if you know what we mean). Doing so keeps the grounds pretty and ensures that residents can walk on the grass without stepping in a squishy surprise.

Our Pet Amenities are Puptastic

We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line pet amenities for your furry friends. Our community is full of plush grass, and our dog park is the perfect place for residents to gather with their pets (while following all CDC guidelines, of course). If your miniature poodle needs to go out for a run, take him through our pet agility course in the park! If your Yorkie is thirsty, get her a drink at our pet water fountain. And if you are tired and need a break, take a seat on one of our benches and watch your pup play!

We also have hosted in-person and virtual pet contests and other events that involve our residents’ furry friends. There is nothing better than seeing cute animals dressed in fluffy tutus and superhero outfits!

You and Your Pet Will Love Our Convenient Location

Corona Pointe Resort is fortunate to be located near many pet-grooming stores and parks. Starstruck Grooming Salon and Riverside Pet Grooming are only a few miles from our community and are available if your pet is in need of some extra grooming love. Rancho Loma Park and Riverwalk Parkway are just a few short minutes away if your furry companion needs fresh air and new scenery.

If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment, Corona Pointe Resort is the place for you! We welcome a variety of animals, uphold considerate pet policies, offer fantastic pet amenities, and are located conveniently near pet attractions. We’d love to be your next home, and we know you and your fluffy companion will love living here!