Thanksgiving! The table is set, the family is watching a movie and catching up in the other room, and the turkey . . . is sitting in a cold oven? What’s happening?

Unfortunately, holiday snafus like this are all too common. In a Consumer Reports survey of over 381,000 appliances, 6 percent of respondents reported having problems with cooking elements not working. Another 5 percent reported refrigerators not cooling properly, and 11 percent reported dishwashers not cleaning properly. 

Accidents will happen, but we’d much prefer they not happen during the holidays when we’d rather be building memories than dealing with a raw turkey. Being proactive by conducting holiday appliance maintenance is the best way to ensure your holidays go unspoiled. Here are three simple steps to guarantee a good time.

Conduct Deep Cleaning

Something you should be doing year-round is keeping your appliances clean. Now though, it’s time to go deep. You can start by pulling the fridge away from the wall and giving the coils a good dusting. You’ll also want to clean out your oven and scrub down the burners. And with the excess of dirty dishes coming up, your dishwasher could do with a good wash of if its own; all you need to do is run a full cycle with nothing but a single cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Cleaning will ensure there’s no buildup to clog your appliances or else catch fire.

Have a Cooking Test Run

Has it been a while since you last used your oven? Do you use one of your burners more than the others on the stovetop? You don’t want to find out at the eleventh hour that the appliance in question no longer works. Instead, give each appliance a test run on a low-stakes meal to make sure the food cooks evenly or the dishes come out clean. With enough notice, you can be sure any problems get fixed with plenty of time to spare.

Reach Out to the Maintenance Crew

If in the course of the previous two steps you find that something isn’t working, act immediately. Call a professional to come and take a look. You’ll want to do this with plenty of time before the holidays are fully upon you. 

At Corona Pointe Resort, we want your holidays to go off without a hitch. Our on-site management and maintenance teams are ready to help if you are having problems with your appliances. Whether the dishwasher has started clicking in an alarming way or your oven refuses to heat, simply visit Corona Pointe Resort’s Resident Portal and submit a work order. We’ll schedule a time for some holiday appliance maintenance and repair, removing the obstacles between you and a happy holiday.

The holidays are a time for making happy memories, not frantic calls for takeout food. By engaging in holiday appliance maintenance early on with these three steps, you’ll ensure a good time for you and yours. From the entire staff at Corona Pointe Resort, happy holidays!