We may not have the cure for COVID-19 yet, but we do have some good boredom busters to see you through this unique time. Here are five examples of how to stay sane and maybe even enjoy yourself during isolation.

Read that Book

We all have a book we’ve told ourselves we’d get to, eventually. Well, now that you’re stuck in your house, it’s probably the best time you’ll ever get to sit down, prop up those feet, and finally do what you’ve promised yourself you’d do for a while now. You can even get your comfy robe out and pour yourself a glass of something special. Perhaps you can also join a book club or two? There are plenty of them out there willing to meet over Zoom or Skype.

Watch that Series

Hulu and Hang, Netflix and Chill, Plex and Party—I’m sure you’ve heard them all. Now is the time to cuddle up and finish watching that TV series that everyone has been telling you about. Catch up on a movie you’ve always wanted to see but didn’t have time. The time is nigh, my friend, to be a proud couch potato. Think about trying free trials for Stan, Amazon Prime, HeyU, and many other streaming platforms. Make the most of this, because you may never get this opportunity again.

Play that Game

You swore you’d never do it, but maybe it’s time to get that Monopoly board out again, even though it nearly caused your family to strangle each other last time. This time will be different. If not, there are plenty of other games to try with whomever you’re quarantined if you have not already: Risk, Ticket to Ride, Catan, and chess, to name a few. And if you don’t have the actual physical renditions, you can play many of these games online for free.

Clean that Room

Maybe it’s time to try something productive for a change. Maybe cull your cupboards, pantry, old clothes, or even rearrange your furniture? Mix it up a little. Surprise that special someone when they get back from work—I mean, from the other room. Get the cleaning supplies out and take spring cleaning to the next level. Let’s call it “Corona Cleaning.”

Work that Body

Even if the gym’s closed, you can still take this time to get back into shape. Remember that promise you made to yourself in January? Well, here’s your chance to make good on that. We’re talking squats, push-ups, and lunges. If you don’t have a home gym, you can use your books or your cat or your children for weights. Self-imposed isolation makes for a great excuse to make your home a gym.

They can’t keep us cooped up forever; the time for breaking out into the sunlight will return to us again. Until then, try to enjoy the springtime as much as you can. And remember, winning Monopoly is not as important as surviving Monopoly.