What is small enough to fit inside a purse but big enough to take up the whole couch? If you’re saying to yourself “My dog,” this article is for you! 

Pets of every size need their space, so let’s talk about how to make the most of your pet-friendly apartment. By choosing space-maximizing furniture, keeping baskets in each room, and setting up pet storage, you and your four-legged friend can love being at home together even more than you already do.

Choose Space-Maximizing Furniture

A few simple furniture swaps or additions can do wonders for making the most of your space:

  • Foldable chairs can be easily placed in another room when you need more space in the dining area (leaving more room for you and your pup to chase each other around the dining table).
  • A multifunction dining table, perhaps with a fold-out leaf, gives you counter space without taking up too much of a footprint.
  • Storage ottomans—because why not make the most of that space under the coffee table?
  • Speaking of coffee tables, you can slip a small side coffee table next to your sofa for extra storage space that you hardly notice!
  • Ever considered getting a daybed? These double-duty pieces leave plenty of space for a cat tree!
  • A bed frame with drawers can be a great place to house both your off-season clothing and your pet’s toys.
  • Take advantage of corners! A corner bookshelf or corner desk gives you what you need without taking up any space you were using before. 

Keep Baskets in Each Room

Keep a basket in each room. When you don’t have time to tidy up as thoroughly as you would like, simply toss in toys, chews, and any other items lying around until you have time to put them away in their permanent spot.

This is a good hack for keeping all your stuff clean—not just necessarily pet stuff. But since pets are pretty talented at making a mess with their toys, this is definitely a great tip for pet owners! Keeping baskets designated for clutter helps keep the space you have actually usable. 

Set Up Pet Storage 

Although the baskets are a good quick fix, it’s a good idea to have permanent places for all your pet’s things. Some ideas include keeping kibble in a small trash can in a lower kitchen cabinet, putting an extra pet bed under a desk to create a little haven, and organizing all pet paperwork in a designated binder or folder. 

Even the smallest pets can take up a lot of space (we’re looking at you, cute, couch-hogging pug!). So to make your pet-friendly apartment feel more spacious, try using a few of the tips in this article. And if you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Riverside, consider moving to Corona Pointe Resort! We have apartments and townhomes ready to lease.